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#1) Triple Spiral Waltz - ©Lindsay Adler: All rights reserved


#2) Seven Swans - ©Lindsay Adler: All rights reserved


#3) Where We Are Going - ©Lindsay Adler: All rights reserved

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Recent Review from "Celtic Beat:"


    "Spirals of Love" is a labor of love in the best sense of the word. This is a CD built consistently around a theme, yet it does not seem to be strident in it's presentation of that fact and format. That in and of itself makes this an attractive album. Love as universal and eternal, either in it's brightest interpretation, in sorrow (yet presented happily here) in "Where We Are Going." or in it's darkest macabre and obsessive, as in the 17th century Irish "Stretched On Your Grave." which really brings back the worst  of the good old days(coupled by the social ostracism selectively that hit the "mad" in these circumstances). Lindsay Adler has not only shown herself again as a fine singer, storyteller in song, and instrumentalist on the guitar and hurdy gurdy, but also as a first rate architect of musical presentation. And this is an American Celtic artist who really does know a lot about the world of Celtic art on several levels.

    One of my favorites is the Selkie song "An Diran" which stands out as different and dramatic. Edgy, as in the rocks of the coast of Scotland or Wales. Because of the range of expression covered, this can easily stand out and still be part of the whole. As does her guitar piece "Inspiration" which is personal yet sits in it's contemplation easily with the "hard edge" works. On the CD this is followed by the traditional Breton "An Dro" which emphasizes the contrasts here. Both solo and in Triple Spiral Lindsay's hurdy gurdy and dulcimer are sounds to be savored. Her sound is both old fashioned and one that you won't want to leave. "Inspiration" also fits well with Ray Price's "Hotel du Lac" where Lindsay brings out all the lyricism in her guitar. "One Pulse" draws upon a Native American  sensibility and this also sits well with all the others here. Indeed ending this CD with "One Pulse" makes it sublime.

    Lindsay Adler knows how to contrast, to bring forth and to present these themes, from the double entendre" Bird in the Bush" to a classic "The Water Is Wide" one song that connects the Celtic lands of origin to the New World. Spirals of Love is one illuminating CD. And like any good Celtic page, you will find so much in it.


~ Arthur Ketchum for "Celtic Beat"