Featured on NPR and appearing on WGBH's A Celtic Sojourn, Lindsay Adler is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer who seamlessly bridges the gap between ancient and modern folk music, crossing cultural boundaries with her own original blend of acoustic fusion.

Known for her skillful approach to the guitar and graceful fluidity on a wide variety of stringed instruments including the vielle a roue, bouzouki, dulcimer, harp, lyre and other unusual instruments.

She engages the audience deeply with quick wit, knowledge of folklore, humor and flexible vocal stylings that range from Celtic to jazz to blues.


Her journeys have led her from concert settings to folk festivals, puppet companies to theatre ensembles. She also writes for children and is known for her entertaining and educational children's musical performances as "Mother Nature."


In addition to her solo performances, she is currently a member of the exciting and innovative Celtic band, Triple Spiral.